Employment Brand
Social Media Campaign

Employment Brand - Social Campaign

OK Google, let's create a social campaign. We teamed up with Google to find a better way to highlight the human side of their company, personalize their hiring process, and attract a whole new crop of Googlers. Through a series of motion and still assets, our campaigns gave potential candidates a look at the hiring process, the products that they could help create, and what life at Google would be like once they joined the team.

It Takes A Dream Videos

Google has lots of departments that each utilize unique skill sets and contribute to the success of the company in different ways. Our idea was to introduce potential new employees to these divisions through playful and colorful motion graphic spots that each tell a unique short story about someone’s journey to joining, or experience on, the Google team. Each spot ends with a meaningful CTA meant to encourage job application.


The Google Hardware team creates the products that help us connect and explore new worlds. Whether it’s a Google Pixel, a Home Mini, or a Daydream, we were tasked with highlighting the developers of these products and how they help shape the future of this innovative company. After a custom photoshoot focusing on diversity, we made stylized motion assets that highlighted the amazing work opportunities on the Hardware team. In the end, our campaign acted as a bold CTA targeting a wide array of future hires.

Virtual Career Fair

To drive potential employees to Google’s “Virtual Career Fair” video playlist, we created a series of carnival-themed videos and stills that accentuated the playful nature of the brand, making it more approachable for future hires. These assets were brought to life through custom illustrations and animations and filled with encouraging CTAs that expressed open opportunity to all applicants.


During the month of June, Google encourages students to participate in acts of service and share them using #StudentServe. To help spread the word, and get students excited, we created a series of posters that were printed out and posted in some high traffic areas. We then took the designs and created a series of social assets that helped deliver the message to the digital world.